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The Practical Riding Instructor

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A Community & Resources For Riding Instructors / Small Horse Business Owners

Working in the horse industry should be a rewarding and fulfilling venture. Step one in changing your mindset, business, and life is being surrounded by the right people! We offer a complete beginner through intermediate rider curriculum, evaluations, lesson plans, and success blue-print for riding schools. 


Get Our Curriculum, Lesson Plans, And Riding Instructor Success  Resources:

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Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of running a successful riding school. Setting clear goals with students is one of the best ways to keep everyone motivated, happy, and on the same page. Snag it here.

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We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying at our riding school, but sometimes students & clients just need some guidance on proper etiquette in your barn. Download our horsemanship class on bullying for free!



Our business plan is designed for riding school owners who want to provide a safe, accessible, and profitable experience for beginner riders. By prioritizing safety, excellent horse care, and good horsemanship practices, our plan can help you establish a reputation as a trusted provider of horsemanship education in your community. Our personalized memberships and programs cater to riders of all ages and abilities, giving you the flexibility to tailor your services to meet individual needs. With effective marketing tactics and exceptional customer service, you can build a loyal customer base and increase profitability. Join us in providing a well-rounded education in horsemanship and fostering a supportive community of riders.

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