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The Practical Riding Instructor Course and Curriculum

An uncomplicated and easily implementable curriculum, inclusive of lesson plans, evaluation sheets, and other resources. In addition, we provide a comprehensive riding school success course with printable materials that can be readily utilized in your school today.

Before we tell you all about this life changing program, let's talk about who this is really for. 

You're ready to make a difference in your local horse community and aren't afraid to burn the candle at both ends to get stuff done. You're tired of trading too much time for too little money, and you want to continue to change lives with a streamlined and profitable riding school.

Listen to the podcast episode:

Save time and see outstanding growth in your students. Our materials provide an engaging grab and go curriculum with lesson plans for every step along the way. We also include a complete riding school success kit, with modules all the way from just getting started to retaining your customers for life. Feel the relief of having fun lesson plans at your fingertips for every student and a roadmap to running a successful riding school. 

  • Take Time off without sacrificing profit

  • Streamline your schedule to work less hours and make more money

  • Attract the right kind of customers for your program​

  • Teach lessons that kids love, and keep them wanting to come back

  • Use a curriculum with safety trainings that could help protect your school

  • Use the freedom in your schedule to spend more time riding your own horse

  • Join a supportive community of riding instructors as ambitious as you are

We're riding instructors and riding school owners just like you. Our materials are the exact same ones we've used to great success in our own program and we are excited to share them with you. Our curriculum is suitable for western or english and includes basic horsemanship and riding principles from beginner through learning the canter.

We've done a little bit of everything. From riding school, to horse show host, to kids camps. You can listen to our podcast The Practical Riding Instructor wherever you listen to podcasts.

  • School Package

    Curriculum, Success Course and more!
    • Riding Instructor Bootcamp (Riding School Success Course)
    • Curriculum Level 1-5 & Evaluations
    • 50 Riding Lesson Plans
    • 20 Group Horsemanship Lesson Plans
    • Complete Kids Camp Guide
    • Scheduling For Success
    • Student Log-Book

One Time Fee and you get ALL the goodies: 

A program that pays for itself! The value received from this success blueprint, coaching, community, curriculum, and lesson plans is a small part of the extra profit you'll see in your school every month!

What else is in Riding Instructor Bootcamp?

Foundations: Get your LLC, Write your business plan, Complete the Foundation Checklist, and get ready to open a riding school that will change lives every day!

Marketing: Get the RIGHT customers in your barn. Learn effective marketing strategies that keep the program as full as you want it to be.

Riding School Success: All that stuff you might not think of until you're in the weeds of business. Team roles, how to write an ad seeking staff, and so much more.

Customer Retention: Experiencing a drop off due to bad weather or not meeting client expectations? Master the art of adding huge value to your customers lives & keep them coming back without increasing your workload.

"We’ve tried a few different programs for riding instructors. The curriculums have been hard to follow or apply a lot of information that isn’t relevant for what we teach (foundational horsemanship NO JUMPING). Since incorporating The Practical Riding Instructor curriculum and the lesson plans into our riding school our instructors are happier, our students are progressing at a faster rate, and there is no more winging it. We love all the useful resources and the inclusive community!" -Mariah

"I am a podcast listener and a site member- love your curriculum and lesson plans."

Dana P.

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