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Addressing Bullying In Your Barn

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Whenever you get a large enough group of children or people together, a certain level of bullying is bound to occur. Bullying wasn't something we paid much mind to, until it became a problem in our program. Here's some steps we took to avoid it in the future:

  • Implemented zero tolerance policy for bullying

  • Hosted a Horsemanship Class on Bullying to introduce the new policy and educate students & clients on proper means of reporting bullying or handling conflict resolution (Get the free horsemanship class here)

  • Had a sign made for the arena explaining the policy and where to report bullying

Bullying can happen not only between children but also from parents to instructors. Some red flags of a client manipulating or bullying and instructor could be:

  • Unreasonable client expectations

  • Contacting the riding school at inappropriate hours or sending aggressive or passive aggressive messages

  • Trying to work around what an instructor has told them is the school's policies or go above an instructors head to voice unreasonable expectations

Often the best solution for these kind of clients is to kindly let them go. If it is a matter that has been building overtime a great way to avoid it could be frequently sending customer feedback surveys and setting goals with clients.

We also recorded a great podcast episode about how to address bullying in a riding school. Listen here.

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